DotaCinema's XMG Captains Draft 2.0

DotaCinema's XMG Captains Draft 2.0

31st October 2014 - 21st December 2014
Prize Pool
$ 276,742

Open Rules

1. Format

This tournament is, as the first edition, played in the Captains Draft mode. The teams are presented with a pool of 27 heroes. Each team has three bans, and then proceed to pick. Picking takes place in an order of 1-2-2-2-2-1. The total drafting time for either team is 2:30, with no bonus time.

Every match in the tournament will be commentated in English by SUNSfan and syndereN. The matches will be streamed on

The matches will also be streamed in the following five other languages:
Chinese: HuomaoTV --
French: FroggedTV --
German: SaphiraTV --
Russian: GSStudio --
Spanish: DZCast --

Prize pool: $50,000 + 25% of compendium sales + 10% of “Balance of the Bladekeeper” Juggernaut set sales

1.1 Prize distribution:

For this season, we have a different prize pool distribution to the norm. Since all teams spend time and put in an effort to take part in the tournament, we believe it makes sense to reward all teams for their participation. At the same time, we want every single placement to matter, and therefore have a gradually increasing prize with every “step up the ladder” a team goes. These steps become bigger with each placement.

All percentages are of the total, final prize pool after the additional contribution from ticket sales.
1st place: 35%
2nd place: 23%
3rd place: 15%
4th place: 10%
5th place: 6.5%
6th place: 4.5%
7th place: 3%
8th place: 2%
Winners of All-Star ARDM BO3: 1%

1.2 Round Robin

The participating teams face each other once in a two-game series. Each game won in the series gives one point.

The four teams with the highest amount of scored points advance to the playoffs. In case of a tie between two or more teams, heads-up scores between the tied teams are considered first. If a tie still exists, the team with the most 2-0 victories advances/gets the higher placement. If a tie exists even then, the team with the best total win/loss score against the top 4 teams advances/gets the higher placement.

1.3 Playoffs

The four teams advancing from the round robin compete in a single elimination best-of-five bracket.
The team finishing in 1st place in the round robin gets to choose whether they wish to face the 3rd or the 4th place team from the round robin. The 2nd place team faces the remaining one.
The winners of these two matchups continue to face each other in the grand finals. Among the two losing teams, whoever had the highest amount of wins in their series is awarded third place. If they are tied for wins, their heads-up match during the round robin decides who takes third place. If they are still tied even then, the team with the best total win/loss score against the top 4 during the round robin teams takes third place.

2. Participating teams and their rosters

Alliance: Loda, Akke, AdmiralBulldog, Chessie, MiSeRy-
Evil Geniuses: PPD, Arteezy, Zai, Universe, Fear
Fnatic: H4nn1, Ace, Ryze, Ar1se, ComeWithMe
Na`Vi: Dendi, XBOCT, Funn1k, Fng, Vanskor
Team Secret: Puppey, KuroKy, BigDaddyN0tail, Simbaaa, s4
Team Tinker: Qojqva, BuLba, SingSing, EGM, Pajkatt
Virtus.Pro: God, JotM, Sedoy, yol, Bzz
Power Rangers: chshrct, j4, Shachlo, SoNNeikO, Ditya Ra

3. Scheduling and rescheduling

The tournament is divided into a round robin and playoffs. The round robin runs for three to four weeks from October 31st through November 21st. The following four days (November 22nd-25th) is a “buffer period” to catch up in case any matches were impossible to play during the three week period, but we’re aiming to not have to use the week at all. All matches during the round robin take place at either 17:30 CET or 20:00 CET.

An initial schedule of the round robin has been provided to the teams before tournament start. The teams have been given the freedom to swap match times as they desire prior to tournament start in order to ensure participation and avoid conflicts with other tournaments.

If the necessity to reschedule during the round robin arises, the team in need of rescheduling must announce this at least one week in advance of the scheduled match time. In addition to this, each team has one wildcard which can, should a sudden issue arise, be used to reschedule a match no later than one day in advance. Else, the match time will be enforced.

The playoffs are scheduled to take place on December 19th-21st, either over two or three days, and matches during this period cannot be rescheduled.

4. Attendance for the individual series

One stand-in is allowed per team in each game. A stand-in is only valid if he is not contracted with an organization, including organizations not participating in the tournament. The exact rosters teams sign up with are listed in 2. In case of roster changes during the tournament, any new player added to a roster is allowed to participate in the remaining matches.

All games in the round robin will be hosted 15 minutes before set start time (17:15 CET for the first match and 19:45 CET for the second match). The password for the game will be posted in the Skype group before hosting. The first team to have their full roster (with any stand-in) in the game chooses either radiant/dire or 1st/2nd pick. Second team in the lobby chooses the other. In the following game, the sides and 1st/2nd pick are swapped.

Should a team (with any stand-in) be unable to join the game within 15 minutes of scheduled game time (17:45 CET/20:15 CET at the absolute latest), they start at a 0-1 game disadvantage. After a 30 minute delay (18:00 CET/20:30 CET), the match is a default loss.

Should the first series of the day end later than 19:45 CET, the game will be hosted immediately after the end of the first series. The 15/30 minute 0-1/default loss rules from above then apply after the time the second game is hosted.

5. Servers

The default server for the tournament is Luxembourg. All games are to be played on Luxembourg with the following exceptions:

a) If four or more players in the game are from North America, one game of the series will be played on US East.

b) If both teams agree on a different server than the default ones as described above, the teams’ preference will always be met.

For playoffs, series which fall under category a) will have alternating hosts between Luxembourg and US East in each game. Should a game 5 be reached, a coin-toss will decide the server. The team losing that coin-toss will then decide both side and pick for that single game.

6. Force majeure

In case of Dota 2 or Steam downtime, server issues and the like, match times are subject to change. To whatever extent possible, the teams should be in cooperation with the organizers to try to reschedule any such match to 17:30/20:00 CET on another day in the same week in order to avoid delaying the entirety of the tournament schedule. Any other unexpected and unpreventable events will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Main Event


Evil Geniuses
Evil Geniuses
Power Rangers
Power Rangers
Team Secret
Team Secret
Team Tinker
Team Tinker

Fnatic replaced by 4ASC

Team Fnatic has been replaced with team 4ASC as a result of roster issues disallowing them from providing a stable roster for the tournament. It was the team captain's own suggestion to replace Fnatic with 4ASC, who we find to be a good replacement based on current performance, team stability and additionally, housing Trixi who was one of the defending champion players, just like H4nn1, of Fnatic who won the XMG Captains Draft Invitational

Schedule Reveal Results

Round Robin (BO2)
30th Nov -0001 @12:00am Na`Vi ? 2 ? 0 Power Rangers
31st Oct 2014 @08:30pm Team Secret ? 2 ? 0 Power Rangers
31st Oct 2014 @11:00pm Team Secret ? 1 ? 1 Evil Geniuses
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2nd Nov 2014 @09:30pm Team Secret ? 2 ? 0 4ASC
3rd Nov 2014 @12:00am Evil Geniuses ? 1 ? 1 4ASC
5th Nov 2014 @12:00am Evil Geniuses ? 1 ? 1 Alliance
5th Nov 2014 @09:30pm Alliance ? 2 ? 0 4ASC
7th Nov 2014 @10:30pm Na`Vi ? 2 ? 0 4ASC
8th Nov 2014 @12:00am Na`Vi ? 1 ? 1 Alliance
8th Nov 2014 @09:30pm Virtus.Pro ? 2 ? 0 Alliance
9th Nov 2014 @12:00am Evil Geniuses ? 1 ? 1 Virtus.Pro
9th Nov 2014 @09:30pm Power Rangers ? 2 ? 0 Alliance
10th Nov 2014 @12:00am Team Tinker ? 1 ? 1 Virtus.Pro
10th Nov 2014 @09:30pm Team Secret ? 2 ? 0 Alliance
11th Nov 2014 @12:00am Virtus.Pro ? 2 ? 0 Power Rangers
11th Nov 2014 @09:30pm Team Secret ? 2 ? 0 Na`Vi
12th Nov 2014 @12:00am Team Tinker ? 1 ? 1 Team Secret
12th Nov 2014 @09:30pm Virtus.Pro ? 2 ? 0 Team Secret
13th Nov 2014 @12:00am Team Tinker ? 2 ? 0 Na`Vi
13th Nov 2014 @09:30pm Team Tinker ? 2 ? 0 Alliance
14th Nov 2014 @12:00am Team Tinker ? 1 ? 1 Power Rangers
15th Nov 2014 @12:00am Power Rangers ? 1 ? 1 Evil Geniuses
18th Nov 2014 @12:00am Na`Vi ? 2 ? 0 Evil Geniuses
21st Nov 2014 @12:00am Evil Geniuses ? 1 ? 1 Team Tinker
22nd Nov 2014 @12:00am 4ASC ? 2 ? 0 Power Rangers
22nd Nov 2014 @09:30pm Virtus.Pro ? 2 ? 0 Na`Vi
23rd Nov 2014 @12:00am Virtus.Pro ? 2 ? 0 4ASC
25th Nov 2014 @09:30pm 4ASC ? 2 ? 0 Team Tinker
All-Star Match
21st Dec 2014 @07:30pm Team A ? 0 ? 0 Team B
Playoffs (BO5)
19th Dec 2014 @09:00pm Virtus.Pro ? 3 ? 1 Team Tinker
20th Dec 2014 @09:00pm Team Secret ? 3 ? 0 Na`Vi
21st Dec 2014 @09:00pm Click to reveal WB: Round 2 - Match 1
21st Dec 2014 @09:00pm Virtus.Pro ? 2 ? 3 Team Secret
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Not decided yet Team A ? 0 ? 0 Team B
Not decided yet Team A ? 0 ? 0 Team B
Not decided yet Click to reveal WB: Round 2 - Match 1
Not decided yet Team A ? 0 ? 0 Team B
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All dates are in UTC

Round Robin (BO2) Reveal Results

Advance to Playoffs
Virtus.Pro Virtus.Pro 12 - 2 12 pts
Team Secret Team Secret 10 - 4 10 pts
Team Tinker Team Tinker 8 - 6 8 pts
Na`Vi Na`Vi 7 - 7 7 pts
Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 6 - 8 6 pts
4ASC 4ASC 5 - 9 5 pts
Power Rangers Power Rangers 4 - 10 4 pts
Alliance Alliance 4 - 10 4 pts

28/28 matches have been played

All-Star Match

Best-of-one All-Star All Random Deathmatch for 1% of the prize pool. Each team will be represented by their player with the most votes. The remaining two slots will be taken by the players with most votes from the remaining pool.

Playoffs (BO5)