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Top Plays Guidelines

for you to have the best chance at making it into an episode.

  • 1There is a limit of 1 submission per matchID.
  • 2People that want us to watch their entire replay for clips are ignored.
  • 3People that send in multiple clips that are deemed "horrible" will be blacklisted.
  • 4Please be accurate with the time you submit. If we cannot find what you've described at around that time then we will ignore the clip.
  • 5Descriptions of the plays should be very short and concise. We will look at every play if you follow these rules.
  • 6Top 10 plays are not always based on skill. Sometimes the "WOW" factor comes into effect.
  • 7Please make sure the replay is available for download. We come across a LOT of matchID's that are not downloadable.
  • 8Also try and keep track of our previous Top 10 videos. If you send in a play that is very similar to one already submitted, it will not have as good of a chance at making it in.
  • 9Generally we release the Top 10 on Sundays, but under some circumstances Monday. We come to a final decision on the plays on Thursdays. So if you send in a play on Thursday or later, be patient because it won't show up until the next week.
Example of a GOOD description: "Venomancer jukes and gets a few kills" Example of a BAD description: "Hello OMG I LOVE YOU! I am playing venomancer. I get hit by Shadowfiend, then start running away. By this time my teammate (NS) comes and helps me out. I then juke a little bit but clockwerk finds me and starts hitting me. I end up juking both heroes and my other teammate Magnus comes and finishes them off! I hope I GET PICKED!!!!"
Things that will not make it into a Top 10 video:
  • Kunkka 1 Shot rampages (This includes right click rampages in general)
  • Global kills on a single target ( Sunstrikes, rockets, AA ults etc.)
  • Team Fights (unless something is very unique)
  • Plays where the tower does the most damage (ex: Ring around the rosie plays)
  • Base Races
  • Viewers HATE Shadow Fiend and TA plays, so make sure they're good
Thanks for reading the guidelines and good luck

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