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WePlay - Alliance vs Evil Geniuses

WePlay - Alliance vs Evil Geniuses

by FlyingBandicoot | 12th May 2013 | 2 comments

After trouble with DDOS attacks and lots of delays, we are finally allowed to see Sweden Alliance take on United States Evil Geniuses in a best of three matchup.

Game 1

 photo AlliancevsEG-Weplay-game1.png

Game 1 started off with both teams posturing agressively, so much so that United States Evil Geniuses went as far as warding the entire Radiant jungle to force Sweden Akke to rotate to the top lane.  Thus, after rotations by both teams, it became an aggressive tri-lane up against a defensive one.

Even with these aggressive lineups, aside from a solo kill on Sweden S4's Batrider by United States DeMoN on his Dark Seer, there really wasn't much action in the first 10 minutes. In fact, even after a couple of pick-offs here and there when heroes were out of position, the real action didn't start until the 25 minute mark when it was time for Sweden Alliance to go for Roshan.

Critical damage at 644.

United States Evil Geniuses didn't initiate into the Sweden Alliance lineup until after Sweden Alliance had killed Roshan for the Aegis, and this was a huge mistake as then Sweden Loda had two lives to play with on his Phantom Assassin.  No one was safe from his right-click damage.

Critical damage at 1022.

United States Evil Geniuses knew they were having a hard time, falling behind on farm and experience, so they tried some smoke ganks to catch up.  But Sweden Alliance were waiting for them and were able to get the pick-offs on Canada Jeyo's Gyrocopter and Netherlands SexyBamboe's Lifestealer.  Ultimately, it was the huge damage and Aybssal Blade from Sweden Loda, and the great plays by Sweden S4 on his Batrider that enabled Sweden Alliance to take game 1.

Critical damage at 1593.

The score was 1-0 to Sweden Alliance.

Game 2

 photo AlliancevsEG-Weplay-game2.png

Game 2 started with delays as United States Evil Geniuses needed to sort their routers out to prevent further DDOS attacks.  It is a shame that such things can affect these competitions so much.

The dreaded Phantom Lancer and Keeper of the Light combo was picked up by Sweden Alliance, which set the tone for this game.  Farm, farm and farm some more.  United States Evil Geniuses knew this and so went for an aggressive tri-lane featuring Clockwerk, Leshrac and Rubick.  Within the first minute, United States Evil Geniuses got the first blood, many thanks to an Invisibility Rune that Netherlands SexyBamboe found, and this put Sweden Alliance on the defensive.

Sweden S4 on Beastmaster tried to follow Netherlands SexyBamboe's example and attempt a kill using a Haste Rune, and though he got one, the confrontation cost him both his own life and that of Sweden Admiral Bulldog on Lifestealer.  Canada Jeyo on Luna, who had already gotten good early farm in the safe lane of the Radiant side, benefited from this early fight greatly, putting him ahead on net worth and levels.

However, the delays were not to stop, as the match had to be paused due to Sweden Loda disconnecting with internet issues.  A few hours later, the game resumed from a load and the game continued.

When the match began, United States Evil Geniuses took control of the game, punishing Sweden Alliance for their bad positioning, and they did well in team fights.  But this wasn't to last, as United States DeMoN wasn't really landing his Reverse Polarities, and due to the many illusions of Sweden Loda's Phantom Lancer, Luna's ultimate couldn't deal the damage United States Evil Geniuses needed.

United States Evil Geniuses began to lose their initial advantage, and this showed when Sweden Alliance was able to get middle barracks for free.  But when Sweden Alliance went for the next barracks, United States DeMoN finally landed a good Reverse Polarity.  The damage was huge and the heroes of Sweden Alliance died in a flash.  The game wasn't won yet, but it did put the game back in their favor somewhat.

Yet once Sweden Loda had a Butterfly and Aegis, there didn't seem to be anything United States Evil Geniuses could do.  In a final act of desperation, Canada Jeyo purchased a Divine Rapier but he didn't have a chance to use it!  The damage from Phantom Lancer was too great.  After huge delays, pauses and schedule clashes, game 2 finally went to Sweden Alliance.  The final score 2-0 to Sweden Alliance.  Now United States Evil Geniuses will face Ukraine Na'Vi in the losers bracket final.



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12th May 2013
EG was probably still upset about getting rushed and didnt have their heads in the game.
12th May 2013
I love your recaps.
They are short and informative.
Keep the good work up :-)