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Tutorial Released

Tutorial Released

by SUNSfan | 27th February 2013 | 6 comments

Update Notes - February 27, 2013

- Added Mechanics I for new players!
- Added 7 new item sets to the Dota store.
- Immortal and Tournament items can now be traded on the Steam Community Market.

- Clockwerk: Fixed Power Cogs pulling more than just heroes inside the cogs.
- Huskar: Fixed Berserker's Blood not stacking at the proper health thresholds.
- Keeper of the Light: Fixed Mana Leak accumulating mana loss during magic immunity.
- Phantom Lancer: Fixed an issue where illusions made by a player on the other team would create uncontrollable Juxtapose illusions.
- Tusk: Fixed a case where heroes with very small collision size could escape Ice Shards.
- Tusk: Fixed a rare bug where teleporting could cause Walrus Punched units to end up in odd positions.
- Fixed various aspects of Spectral Dagger logic being dispellable.
- Fixed sometimes being revealed if your projectile hits the target after you become invisible with Shadow Blade.
- Improved TP interaction with FoW.
- Fixed two ledges (below the two rune spots) where you could get units stuck with Telekinesis and Vacuum.

- Added the ability to examine chests.
- Added a Game History tab to the Team Profile.
- Added checkbox for filtering Live Games to just Team games.
- You can now click on Team names in Live or Recent games to view their team profiles.
- Added a post-game Match Quality survey panel.
- Added an icon to backpack slots if that item is currently equipped.
- Fixed the courier delivery icon popping when the courier collected stash items.
- Fixed courier delivery being delayed by 0.5 seconds if there were no items to get from the stash.
- Fixed courier move orders not clearing the transfer items buff icon.
- Players can now set a custom rich presence status that can be displayed on the UI.
- Fixed Lina's Fiery Soul buff not showing the correct cooldown if it was refreshed with 3 stacks.

AUDIO/VISUAL - Updated Arc Lightning's visual effects and sound.
- Updated Shadow Shaman's attack sound.
- Updated Ether Shock's visual effects and sound.
- Updated Mjollnir and Maelstrom visual effects.

- When a push is happening into a base, global desire to farm is significantly decreased.
- Fixed a case where bots far from the lane front could thrash into and out of Push Lane mode.
- Single-player bot games now run locally on the user's machine.
- Increased reaction time by about 50% in all modes.


Update 2

- Updated Zeus's Arc Lightning effect.
- Updated some Mechanics I dialog and animations.
- Updated post-match survey dialog.


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28th February 2013
Are they going to bring back the old Dragon Claw Hook bone chain or it will remain a normal metal chain for the rest of the game?
27th February 2013
@Bello1736 When creating a game, the server won't be Luxembourg or Stockholm etc. anymore, but your own computer.
27th February 2013
@bello1736 no, it means there won't be necessary to interact with server after the game is started
27th February 2013
@bello1736 I think so. If it can, then this is the BEST UPDATE EVER!!!
27th February 2013
"- Single-player bot games now run locally on the user's machine."

That's mean I can practice without internet?
27th February 2013
"- Single-player bot games now run locally on the user's machine."

That's mean I can practice without internet?