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QPAD Red Pandas Completes its Roster!

QPAD Red Pandas Completes its Roster!

by Meh™ | 4th March 2013 | 7 comments

flag icon of European Union, 16x16 QPAD Red Pandas finally has a complete roster! After the team lost flag icon of Sweden, 16x16 Jerry 'EGM' Lundkvist to flag icon of Sweden, 16x16 No Tidehunter, they were left with only three players. With the addition of flag icon of Finland, 16x16 Jesse 'JerAx' Vainikka and flag icon of South Korea, 16x16 Kyeonghyun 'SeleCT' Ryoo, things are looking bright for this new team.


Team Roster:


  • flag icon of Sweden, 16x16 Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström (Captain)
  • flag icon of Netherlands, 16x16WehSing 'Sing' Yuen (Co-Captain)
  • flag icon of Sweden, 16x16 Hampus 'Mini' Olsson
  • flag icon of Finland, 16x16 Jesse 'JerAx' Vainikka
  • flag icon of South Korea, 16x16 Kyeonghyun 'SeleCT' Ryoo  


Statements from the Members:


mini flag icon of Sweden Niklas 'Wagamama' Högström:


I'm very excited about the fact that we have now finalized our team. I feel more than happy with each player that joined us in this endeavor. Our current level in practice feels solid, but more importantly, it does not sacrifice our potential to grow in terms of skill, both as a team and as individual players. I can't wait to have everyone gathered in Stockholm, and I warmly welcome SeleCT and Jerax to the team. Together we'll aspire to create a strong and long-term synergy, as we all enter the life of full time Dota.  


mini flag icon of Finland Jesse 'JerAx' Vainikka:


Everything between me and Wehsing started back then in inhouses of Heroes of Newerth. It was normal back then to switch teams alot, since the game was new and people wanted to form teams to get in to the tournaments. After many consequences We, me and WehSing, formed Dirty Minds with Era, SMaK and LoLQoP. Tbh we weren't the highest tier team up there, since we didn't fully dedicate ourselves for the game. We still had our shiny moments and used to have a lot of fun. Even though everything between me and sing was fine back then, our roads towards the future split up. After that, having a short career in HoN, I had my military service as its compulsory here in Finland. During that time dota2 came up and I totally missed the beginning of it. After my service in navy, I started up dota2 with Finnish team including sifla, spin, lapiz and buugi. As same time, NotAHax and ComeWithMe were trials for this team, I gathered a lot of experience as a support player and increased my knowledge to the game. I had played a month with the Finns, when Sing asked me to play a few games with them since the trials weren't suitable enough for the team. At the same time in Finnish team, lapiz wasn't able to play since he was abroad. After a few games we decided that I had my chance as trial for them.
Now as a member of the team I must say that I'm very happy with the people I'm playing with and we can concentrate entirely to the thing we are good at. It has always been a dream of mine to have a supporting environment around you and do the thing you truly love.  


mini flag icon of South Korea Kyeonghyun 'SeleCT' Ryoo:


I am very happy to join the team. I am looking forward to living in Sweden, Stockholm with my teammates, and work with 2GD on my career. As I am kind of new to DotA 2, I also want to say thank you to QPAD and teammates for giving me an opportunity to be in this team. I will work hard so I keep their faith in me. Switching from SC2 to DotA2. This is something that wonders a lot of people why I made this decision. It is because I loved DotA ever since I was Warcraft 3 player which was about 10 years ago. I love playing DotA, I was a professional DotA player before Starcraft 2 came out. Moreover, I want to be a champion of different kind of games which is my goal as a professional gamer and I think that is a real professional gamer who can play any game in a highest level. Thank you to the fans, please cheer for my new team and I promise you I will show great and entertaining games. KEEP THE LOVE FOR SELECT ¯_(ツ)_/¯

P.S. It will be very fun to troll Apollo there as he thinks he can beat me in SC2 right now and he thinks he is buff. I will show him what's good.  




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11th March 2013
Red pandas invalids.
8th March 2013
i guess a pro SC2 players means pro microing
7th March 2013
Sing Sing statement : Masturbating
5th March 2013
what does Korean have to do with meepo -.-
5th March 2013
yay select!
4th March 2013
Korean playing, get ready for Meepo
4th March 2013
no comewithme ?