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Magnus released in latest patch!

Magnus released in latest patch!

by SUNSfan | 3rd October 2012 | 29 comments




- Added Magnus!
- Enabled Team creation.
Made all 6.75b Parity changes
- Added around 150 new items to the store.

- Ability tooltips are now more precise about what kind of units they can target.

- Fixed basic courier movement speed being too low

- Lowered the tankiness threshold for doing Roshan.
- Bots now only save for buyback later in games, and now save the proper amount.
- Lich bot will no longer cast Chain Frost on a single target that's about to die or that is able to blink away.
- Skeleton King bot is now better about saving mana for Reincarnate.
- Improved Windrunner bot's Shackleshot usage (she will now take into account unit movement).
- Bots will no longer have any desire to farm while they are temporarily invisible.
- Added support for selling/dropping situational items when necessary (wards, dust, etc).
- Adjusted Skeleton King and Dragon Knight bots' loadouts.
- Bots will now scale their attack desire on non-heroes based on how dangerous they think the unit is.
- Bots will now harass hero-like units (ie. Spirit Bear) when laning.
- Bots will now consider trying to kill hero-like units.


Update 2

- Fixed Freezing Field duration.

- Fixed Power Treads attack speed.
- Fixed blademail tooltip.
- Fixed Shadow Amulet not appearing in the shop while browsing.
- Fixed Overgrowth duration.
- Fixed Unstable Concoction duration.
- Fixed only the tooltip on Summon Wolves HP being updated.
- Fixed Magnus missing recommended items.
- Fixed Devour cooldown.
- Fixed Shadow Fiend's Requiem tooltip.
- Fixed Shadow Fiend Requieming twice as many souls as he should have on death.
- Fixed units to not teleport with Magnus if he is teleported while Skewering them.
- Fixed Skewer having a cast range.
- Fixed Reverse Polarity not moving units instantly.
- Fixed Skewer killing Roshan instantly.
- Fixed Skewer not destroying trees.
- Fixed Sadist double regen.
- Fixed non-animating Magnus portrait.
- Fixed Incapacitating Bite still listing damage bonus values.
- Fixed bot loadouts for Shadow Amulet.


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    4th October 2012
    what time is the patch going to be?
    4th October 2012
    4th October 2012
    We'll be seeing the next thousand "Dota Fails" videos with the new Magnar ;) I can see so many potential fail team fights because of that hero, and some potential epic ones too ! holy shit. sooo excited.
    4th October 2012
    4th October 2012
    4th October 2012
    4th October 2012
    - Fixed Skewer killing Roshan instantly.

    4th October 2012
    @lilbruce_234, of course it's about Dota 2 store. They only added 1 artefact for gameplay, Shadow Amulet for 1600 gold.
    3rd October 2012
    3rd October 2012
    Still need to wait a day until i can play:(