Dotacinema Stream's Misery and Pajkatt interviewed's Misery and Pajkatt interviewed

by Hari | 6th November 2012 | 0 comments

Everyone is curious about the recently-formed that is now training in China. Chinese gaming news site Sgamer just managed to catch up with two of the prominent players on the team, Denmark Misery and Sweden Pajkatt, for an interview. Among the interesting questions asked were:

Q: Can you tell curious players when LGD think of forming an international team? And how do you get in touch with them?

Misery: After TI2, pajkatt and I wanted to take dota 2 to the next level, and the only way to do that is to play in China because the skill level and seriousness is much higher here. So we basically wrote some of our contacts in china, and ended up talking to LGD.Rurutia and in the end  it made everything possible.

Pajkatt: I started speaking to LGD after TI2 because I was intrested in playing DotA in China, because I feel that the scene is much stronger and more professional here.


Q: Several members of are very well-known solo, carry position players, what will the role distribution look like in the team? Will someone have to make a transition to play support?

Misery: I know we had a lot of people critisizing the team because of the roles of the players in the team, but PJ and I spent a lot of time thinking about the roster, and we are confident in our players capabilities to play their roles to its fullest potential! PJ will take the role as 1, G will play 2, Brax playing 3, I - MiSeRy will play 4 and 1437 is gonna take hard support as 5. Personally I wanted to transition to support role, as I did last year for EG, its a role im comfortable with and also a role that is very hard to play.

Pajkatt: With chinese terms, the roles of our team will be me on 1, God on 2, Brax on 3, Misery on 4 and 1437 on 5. This means Misery will switch from 2 to 4, but he is a very talented player and he is already doing a very good job at it.


You can find the entire interview, in its original English form here.


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