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Interview: Xyclopz

Interview: Xyclopz

by Cheppy | 8th April 2013 | 2 comments

Known for his unique perspective of the game, Xyclopz is now one of the most wanted casters in the scene. He made his first appearance co-casting with Sheever in the famous Na'Vi versus 3DMAX game. He's received a lot of attention since then. Gosugamers caught up with him to conduct an interview. Below is an excerpt of the same. 


Q: Tell us a little about yourself. How old are you now and how long have you been playing games?

Hi everyone. My real name is Treephob Tiangtrong. I am 26 years old and I'm from Thailand. I'm the only son. Now I am working as an industrial engineer. I love party, girls, racing and casting games. I started playing games during my free time in 2008 and DotA was the first game that I have played. After my first game, I fell in love with DotA and can't stop playing. I've been playing Dota for 4 years now but I just started casting for about 3 months. I used to be the director of Axis Esport, a Thai gaming organization but I left them in 2011 for studies. I came back to the professional gaming scene as a caster three months ago. 


Q: Your fame really skyrocketed when you started casting with Sheever in some events. Who came up with the idea for the duo?

I got sheever in my skype contact. One day she messaged me asking me if I want to co-cast with her tonight. I said yes without thinking and when I asked which tournament will we be casting, she said some European tournament. I was so nervous because I have never casted an European tournament before. I don't even know the name and position of the players. While I was casting the game, I didn't realize how many viewers were tuning in and I didn't even know it was Na`Vi's first game with their newly announced roster! The next day, I was shocked to know that there were 20,000 people watching the cast. I felt pretty bad because I know I ruined quite an important game casting it badly. Apologies for that.


Q: So you are planning to cast long term?

Yes I do. If the viewers still support me and organizers give me a chance to cast tournaments. I'll try my best in every single game I am allowed to cast.


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8th April 2013
He Is So Biased :( He Said That He Hate Philippine Dota On Ledion Dreamz SS. Vs. Despicable Me 2 :(
8th April 2013
"watdapak!" my favorite line of Xyclopz! /gg