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iG Chuan answers fans' questions

iG Chuan answers fans' questions

by Cheppy | 28th March 2013 | 0 comments

cn Invictus Gaming's CEO cn Liu "Efeng" Yuan and support player my Wong 'ChuaN' Hock answer questions posted on a Chinese community website. 

We recommend you read the entire interview as it leads to a lot of funquestions.



 my Wong 'ChuaN' Hock

Q: Can you reveal how speaking rights are divided within the team?

We discuss things together, there isn’t really anything like that

Q: it’s been a while since you’ve come to China. After your pro gaming career ends, what are your plans? Will you stay in China? Or go back home?

Right now all I’m thinking about is how to play well, and get good results.



cn Liu "Efeng" Yuan

Q: Will there be iG-branded merchandise? Stuff like gaming peripherals, perhaps?

Yes! This year, even!

Q: What do esports players do after they retire?

The cream of the crop can continue on as leaders, coaches, or managers after they retire. Others can transition into club support staff, media people, or work at gaming companies, or become a commentator. Lots of possibilities 

Q: What are your views on those players who are still very young, and also need to continue their studies?

I feel that these things aren’t necessarily in conflict with one another. Games can be their hobby from youth, it’s the same basic principle as those kids that take up things like art, sports, etc. And if they display true talent in some way, then they can consider a career in it.



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