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G1 Qualifiers - Na'Vi vs Alliance

G1 Qualifiers - Na'Vi vs Alliance

by FlyingBandicoot | 26th April 2013 | 2 comments

The G1 Championship League Qualifiers brought two titans of Dota 2 together to fight in a best of three matchup.  Ukraine Na'Vi vs Sweden Alliance.  These two teams had not faced each other with their new player rosters before this day, so what was in store for these two great teams?  Who would come out on top?

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Game 1:

 photo AlliancevsNaVi-G1LeagueQualifierGame1-1.png

Within a minute of the game starting, Sweden Alliance sent three heroes into the middle lane to gank Ukraine Dendi's Magnus for an attempt at first blood.  But before Sweden Alliance could take the kill, Estonia Puppey on his Jakiro was in perfect position to land a fantastic Ice Path that stunned the attacking trio, allowing not only for Ukraine Dendi to get away with his life, but also to land first blood upon S4's Puck.

Ongoing counter moves by Ukraine Na'Vi stopped Sweden Alliances' assaults and slowed down Sweden S4's Blink Dagger more and more.  Indeed, things looked to be going well for Ukraine Na'Vi, until they decided to go for Roshan.  Ukraine Na'Vi began doing damage to Roshan and got his health down to half, and when they saw Sweden Alliance was coming close, they began to retreat.  This move ended horribly for Ukraine Na'Vi as a fantastic ultimate from Sweden S4's Puck caught nearly all of Ukraine Na'Vi, and this was followed up by the rest of Sweden Alliance, picking off three of Ukraine Na'Vi's lineup before going back to Roshan to snatch the Aegis for Sweden Loda's Sven.

From this point onwards, Sweden Alliance had the upper hand, dealing way too much damage for Ukraine Na'Vi to handle.  Sweden Alliance won the first game making the score 1-0.

Game 2:

 photo AlliancevsNaVi-G1LeagueQualifierGame2.png

Game 1 had it all, team fights, high damage, ganks, rotations, kills and action throughout.  It was what we expect from a good Dota 2 match, so when game 2 began, some started to wonder if the game had been reprogrammed to become a farm simulator.  As for nearly sixty minutes, both teams passively farmed to their hearts content, never really bothering each other, never going for team fights or even heading for the Roshan pit.  Sure now and then, the teams would say hello, ask each other how their farm was going, and add that they would see each other another day for fights, but not today.  Today was all about farming.

Yes initially, Ukraine Na'Vi's lineup indicated a mid-game presence with lots of plays by Ukraine Funn1k's Batrider and Ukraine Dendi's Storm Spirit, but not in this game.  Farming was the theme, and farming is what the viewers got.

However, eventually, and much time had indeed passed by at this point, both teams started to show each other the results of their farming.  Sweden Loda's Phantom Lancer was incredibly strong, farming a whopping 780 last hits, and Ukraine XBOCT's Anti-Mage was equally as farmed with a stunning 667 last hits.  In the end, it was split pushing, big pickoffs and bad positioning on Sweden Alliance's behalf that led Ukraine Na'Vi to win the game.  Ukraine Na'Vi brought the score even to 1-1.

Game 3:

 photo AlliancevsNaVi-G1LeagueQualifierGame3.png

It seemed that after the last game, Ukraine Na'Vi were happy to continue the trend of farming simulation in game 3, but in this match, Sweden Alliance had a different idea.  Their team was all about pushing hard and fast with as many Treants and Creeps as they could get their hands on.  Ukraine Na'Vi did choose Tinker to counter some of this, but this was not a game where one could linger on their own, especially with the presence of Sweden Loda's Alchemist and Sweden AdmiralBulldog's Nature's Prophet as both boasted Shadow Blades and they used these to get pick off after pick off, shutting down Ukraine XBOCT's Anti-Mage and wiping out any of the rest of Ukraine Na'Vi's lineup if they got close.  But even though at 24 minutes in when Sweden Alliance had an experience advantage of 10,000 and a gold advantage of 14,000, Ukraine Na'Vi defended their base with everything they had.  Even when two sets of barracks were down, Ukraine Na'Vi held the line.  But as Sweden Alliance made their final push, Ukraine Na'Vi could hold out no longer.  Sweden Alliance took the game to 2-1.

Special mention goes to the Sweden EGM tree that Ayesee aptly named for Sweden EGM's amazing shackleshots, specifically one that latched onto this tree:

 photo EGMtree.png

Sweden Alliance move on to the next round to go up against European Union Fnatic.

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26th April 2013
Those Midas in game one won the game
26th April 2013
EGM tree, nice name Ayesee