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Fails of the Week Ep. 28

Fails of the Week Ep. 28

by Neil | 26th November 2012 | 5 comments

Episode 28 of Fails of the Week.

Want to be in our fails of the week series? Submit your fails at


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    29th December 2012
    Would like to know that aswell, got 1 top 10 clip and 1 fail in the same match by the same hero (ME) :D
    Sad that i cannot submit both, fail and the top 10... especially when i already posted the top 10 one and i think that the fail would have had much better chance to get into the episode :/
    26th November 2012
    QQ is there a particular reason why you cannot submit more than one fail of the same match? I'm still very new to this so some help would be appreciated or some clarity on why only one clip can be submitted. Or should i just mark all the "events" where they happen in the replay?
    26th November 2012
    i am here for you lich!!!! i will help you ,,,,,,maybe not
    26th November 2012
    don't say that when there's a zues...
    26th November 2012
    Why did my clip didn't get chosen? : O loll
    Good job, as usual. The intro was great haha!