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DotaCinema Reveals VOD System!

DotaCinema Reveals VOD System!

by Immortal^ | 5th April 2013 | 1 comments

DotaCinema has been the leading competitor in the Dota 2 Youtube Community as the home to everyone's favorite weekly shows. However, we've never stopped improving for our fans and have a completely new and exciting feature for everyone in the community to enjoy!

DotaCinema has created the one and only Video On Demand Database containing an organized and easy to use library of all of your favorite competitive matches filtered by favorite caster, tournament, team, matchup, etc. Rather than having to scrounge through tournament sites, youtube, and facebook pages, we've supplied you with one fast and easy alternative with the database.

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5th April 2013
this is very cool... it's like watching matches makes easier. :) keen it up Dota Cinema.... :D