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DotaCinema Needs YOU for Top 10s!

DotaCinema Needs YOU for Top 10s!

by DC Writers Staff | 30th June 2013 | 110 comments
Now is your chance-- DotaCinema is hiring volunteers for its most famous YouTube series, the Top 10 Weekly!

What We Want From You:

We're looking for volunteers to rate our Top 10 submissions with stable results and on a consistent weekly basis.

What You Will Get From Us:

- Your name shown in a Top 10 episode, depending on your results
- Entering the Professional Gaming World
- Interaction with some of the biggest personalities in Dota 2
- Dota 2 treasure keys, depending on your results

Why We Need It:

- With over 450,000 subscribers and 300,000+ views weekly, the Top 10 series is one of the core features of DotaCinema, and we need to keep the series going. Due to some recent developments we have struggled to keep it running and thus we require more help from you.


You will be granted access to all of our Top 10 submissions, and you can grab which clips you wish to rate. You are expected to go through >100 clips a week with a minimum of 50 unless a message is left with a reason for your absence. A clip typically takes 1 minute to watch.

The Top 10 Spreadsheet.

Requirements and Info:

- Able to speak and understand English
- The desire to help our site grow
- Availability to do the absolute minimum, 50 replays per week
- This position is unpaid and voluntary

How to Apply:

Send an application containing the following information to
* Title Email: Application, Top 10 Team
* Skype/Steam information
* Dotabuff profile
* An introduction to yourself/why you would like to work with us (minimum 150 words)
* DotaCinema profile/username
* Availability and desired workload

Being a part of the Community Team, working with the Top 10s is an amazing experience. You meet alot of cool people and there's lots of room for you to show yourself. I myself started off as a volunteer and am now in charge of the Top 10 team with SUNSfan himself.
- Nillen, admin of Top 10

We wish you all the best of luck and look forward to having you be a part of our team! Apply today! For further questions contact Nillen here.

Header Credit: FlyingBandicoot


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19th April 2014
Please help me where to send my application but first let me introduce myself, Hello my real name is John Earl Delos Reyes , 13 years old ,and I live in Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines. I know I'm too young for this job but I think I can help you DC because I have the courage of doing something that has a value for me and my co-gamers.Many people discourage to send this application but I know I have something to do to help you DC ...I cant stop thinking again again if I,ll send my application to you DC.
18th April 2014
Skrillvoker is my skype and my login.
Friday 18 April 2014 year. 09:55:38 BST
I think i fit this possition because my time zone is ok; my English is good.
It also would be a plesure to be working with other people
19th August 2013
i want help too, but i'm from Russia...
18th August 2013
i want help too, but i'm from Russia...
5th August 2013
I subscribed too! Hope to get an opportunity to help and to participate of the community. Thx u guys!
23rd July 2013
I just submitted now. Think I'm too late but I could always get picked for the next time. Keeping my fingers crossed.
23rd July 2013
I just submitted now. Think I'm too late but I could always get picked for the next time. Keeping my fingers crossed.
17th July 2013
my birthday was on july 8th, could i be a volunteer as a b-day present? :D
17th July 2013
lol just saw the posts about the 24 hour reply. that sucks. if only that was mentioned in the post. hopefully they have other opportunitys to do things, hopefully i am lucky enough be watching the site at the right time to apply XD
17th July 2013
i just submitted as well! hope to help out!