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Dota 2 Update: Visual Polish

Dota 2 Update: Visual Polish

by SUNSfan | 28th November 2012 | 11 comments


Update Notes - November 28, 2012

- Updated Broodmother's model
- Added sound and FX for hand of Midas

- Clicking on a hero row in the Heroes Played tab on the profile now shows a match history filtered by that hero.
- Greevil Egg contents are now displayed correctly in the Steam trading UI.

- Pseudo Random chances are now enabled for these abilities: Coup de Grace, Slardar's Bash, Time Lock, Drunken Brawler's Crit, Headshot, Blade Dance, Chaos Knight's Crit, Lycan's Crit and Skeleton King's Crit.

- Lich Bot will no longer Dark Ritual an ally's dominated creep (heh).
- Fixed bug that was causing bots to never try to avoid linear projectiles.
- Bots will now try to avoid Illuminate (both during the channel and when the projectile is released).
- Bots will now buy invisibility-detection items for an enemy Weaver.
- Bots who are the targets of Life Drain and Mana Drain will now try to break the channel by outranging it.
- Lich bot will no longer stop to cast Frost Armor when frantically attacking or retreating.
- Bots will no longer pick up a droppable item if it would require them to drop an item.
- For new players, the default coop bot difficulty level is now Easy.
- Bots will now drop muted items that they've picked up in the fountain.




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2nd December 2012
Spider with teeths, gg
30th November 2012
@TheDaemon2142 You can't make "true" randomness in games. the "random" number will always be based of something like time.
28th November 2012
Agree with Wapsky3xia
28th November 2012
i got the pseudo Random chances.........but it be so great if dotacinema makes a video explaining it more briefly...........
28th November 2012
Okay done some research, critical strike for example, If it didn't proc, the percentage will increase and so on until it procs, which then resets the value (Unlike a constant percentage before).

Here's a thread.
28th November 2012
What was the previous randomness? Would this play a big part in the game? Why not true randomness?
28th November 2012
@eatenflux pseudo random chance just means that the attacks will look like they have random effects but they aren't random. There is a pattern to them.
28th November 2012
what's a pseudo random chance?
28th November 2012
and where is brood model? D:
28th November 2012
no new hero?