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Dota 2 Patch Update - Slark!

Dota 2 Patch Update - Slark!

by SUNSfan | 14th November 2012 | 23 comments


Be sure to check out Slark's hero page!



Update Notes - November 14, 2012

- Added Slark!
- Added a chatwheel for quick communication with teammates!
- Added support for using keyboard templates!

- Tournament Drops are now enabled for all leagues.

- Zombies no longer spawn other zombies from a stolen Tombstone.

- Added a form for soliciting new chatwheel options.
- Added world heatmap for seeing where current players are located.
- Abilities and items bound to alt-combinations now display as such.

- Fixed Nightstalker losing his wings at night.

Update 2

- Fixed Slark's illusions not getting his Essence Shift values.
- Added damage types for Pounce and Dark Pact.
- Fixed nightstalker wings.
- Added option to smoothdrag when spectating or viewing replays.
- Added option to invert middle-mouse camera grip.


Update 3

- Slark's Shadow Dance now has no fade time.
- Slark can now use items/abilities while pouncing.
- Slark no longer Essence Shifts when attacking illusions.
- Added regen effect on Slark.
- Fixed case where Slark was purging one of his Shadow Dance buffs with Dark Pact.
- Added direct keybinds for the chatwheel messages.
- Sped up chat wheel appearance a bit.
- Chat wheel message hotkeys are now shown on the chat wheel.
- Fixed broken chatwheel if alt-tabbed during startup.


Update 4

- Fixed a number of cases where you could escape Slark's Leash by moving quickly (Shukuchi, etc).
- Fixed Dark Pact purging things it shouldn't ( Torrent, Impale, etc).
- Fixed being able to Force Staff out of Leash.


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15th November 2012
@geekinthepink, murlocs are copyrighted by Blizzard.
15th November 2012
Cant get any updates yet from my steam. :( certainly hate the update pop in while im in the middle of a heat. Worst part is after updates are completed, I have no choice but another add-on Abanddon records. :X
15th November 2012
yhea !!
15th November 2012
@LightningStrikes:) - first of all , i was ironic. Second, it's still looking like Meepo :)))))
15th November 2012
I love what slark says when he killed sven
15th November 2012
@brentskieee Almost stole your comment :)
15th November 2012
Isn't he supposed to be a Murloc?
14th November 2012
@Gigea - you cannot tell a fish by it's appearance do you?
14th November 2012
Also I'm realy excited about that chatwheel ;D
14th November 2012
- Fixed Nightstalker losing his wings at night.
Great job valve