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Diretide To Be Released With The Next Dota 2 Update

Following severe sommunity backlash, Valve has decided to give the fans what they want and have announced that the Diretide event will be delivered along with the next big Dota 2 update.

After a long time working on a huge update to be shipped into Dota 2, the developers decided that it was for the best to leave Diretide for this year and focus on something more important in the long run. Valve admit that they underestimated just how much the community wanted Diretide, and have decided that the event will be added into the game when the next update comes around.

Lack of communication is something that was apparent in recent weeks, and Valve have admitted that they were at fault. They will be looking to rectify this and are sure that the mystery update will leave us all more than happy to forgive them. However, Valve have made it clear that now is probably a good time to stop harrassing local Volvo dealerships.

The event will be coming with a few changes to make it more 'fun'. No other information has been released about the specifics of the event at this time, but you can read the full announcement here.

Valve Dota 2 Announcement
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13th November 2013
FINALLY!!! Love you valve.
13th November 2013
Better that they would have focused on bringing new heroes to Dota2. Like..Terrorblade.
12th November 2013
when is this update coming?
12th November 2013
I guess it would be pure speculation, but does anyone know when the update will be? :D
12th November 2013
I think broodmother's web should include a true sight effect since spiders naturally knows whether there is something on her webs and slows the prey once on the web because it is sticky
11th November 2013
I just hope that we will have Greevil event (Ney year) in December not in any month of summer.
10th November 2013
Volvo is such a good sport about it
to a point that they almost seemed that they were supporting the community
10th November 2013
Yay Valve! :>
9th November 2013
finally a good update :) but wee are waiting for more guyss plzz wee need a new heroe soon :S
9th November 2013
Thanks Valve!