DC Exclusive Interview: Black^

DC Exclusive Interview: Black^

by Cheppy | 13th October 2012 | 2 comments

flag icon of Germany, 16x16 Dominik Reitmeier, better known as Black^, was kind enough to give us some of his time for an interview earlier this week. The flag icon of Germany, 16x16 Mousesports’ carry player famous for his brutal Clinkz in Dreamhack has strengthened the roster with his inclusion. After a short stint for flag icon of Kazakhstan, 16x16 NEXT.kz, Black^ has found a stable role in the Mousesports roster with a promising future.

Could you start by introducing yourself?

"Hey everyone! My name is Dominik Reitmeier, known as Black in the gaming world, i am currently 19 years old and attending last grade of high school."

Do you have any other hobbies other than gaming?

"In my free time I do lots of sports (Jogging/Football/Frisbee) and hang out with my friends."

Are you comfortable with the carry role in your team?

"The carry role is definitely my best role, so I feel very comfortable playing it, I have mostly been playing that role for the last 5 years so Im pretty experienced too."

Can you give us some qualities of strengths and weaknesses in your Dota 2 gameplay?

"One of my biggest weaknesses is that I am too emotional sometimes, that also includes winning. I just start cheering too much and distract my teammates with it :D

My strengths are good map-awareness and usually when I get a free farm lane, I put all of it to good use."

According to you who would be your signature hero?

"Obsidian Destroyer! Once the meta game changes and the hero becomes viable you will see me play it a lot more (:"

How was your NEXT.kz experience?

"Playing with them for a lot of games definitely made me a much more aggressive, but at the same time a calculated player. They all had (or might still have) insane individual skill, but since they started to focus more on Heroes of Newerth they got worse obviously :(."

How has your inclusion into Mousesports changed your Dota 2 career? Does SingSing tease you a lot?

"Joining mousesports and competing with them definitely brought me on to another level of the DotA competition. We had our ups and downs but all in all I’ve learned a lot and i had a loooooot of fun with all of my teammates:). We also achieved some quite good standings in tournaments and we had the chance to participate in The International 2 which is a huge milestone in my career.

To answer the question about sing...he’s probably one of the biggest trolls out there and he teases me super-duper mega much! But once you get to know his tricks hes easily readable!:D"

How delighted was the team after defeating WE and getting to participate in The International 2?

"All of us were super happy obviously, as The International 2 is the most prestigious tournament in all of DotA. Unfortunately though we kind of got our hopes up too much because we beat them 3:0, which made us a bit overconfident I think hehe^^."

You had to face the finalists of last year’s International, EHOME, in a best-of-1 clash. How did the team manage the pressure of winning? Did the team have any specific strategy for the match?

"We knew EHOME were not as dominant as they were in the first International and we knew we had a 50/50% chance of beating them. I don’t know what went wrong, maybe we were nervous or something, but we got heavily Outplayed and thus got completely stomped:). And nope we did not have a specific strategy for this match."

Did the team implement any changes after The International?

"Right after The International 2 ComeWithMe announced his departure from the team as well as 1437 who said he could not play for a European anymore as he wanted to go back to school. After getting to know all of that I decided to take a break from the team too, so the boys had to get Reinforcements also known as KuroKy and Alex-:). However this is only a temporarily lineup and the future of mouz is not yet sure."

How was your experience in Seattle?

"Seattle was AWESOME! I come from a realatively small town, so I was amazed by all the huge buildings. The event itself was almost perfect. Perfect organization, they took care of all teams, provided supplies and a hotel, offered tours around the city and helped you with whatever your concerns were. The only bad thing about The International 2 was the schedule at the actual event, because we came in at like 7 am and had to wait till 11 pm to play our actual match."

Which hero would you like to see in the next update?

"Definitely techies! He’s one of the best and most fun heroes in the whole game and definitely a force to be reckoned with. Also the Tiny/techie combination with friends is just way too funny"

It was a pleasure interviewing you Black^. I wish you the very best for your upcoming tourneys. Any final thoughts you’d like to share with your fans?

"Thanks for all the support guys! I will try to not disappoint any of you and try my best to reach my dream, become the world’s best carry player!:)

"Shoutouts to team Black, NBM, Bamboe Sing Kuroky Alex Paisy and all of my friends/fans! thanks (:"   

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    15th October 2012
    interview was good
    13th October 2012
    Nice! Thanks for the interview. Seems like he has kept his inspiration for playing dota (and for playing with Mouz). Hopefully they can get a stable roster and get some nice results this year.