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Blackshatan retires

Blackshatan retires

by Meh™ | 24th February 2013 | 0 comments

flag icon of Australia, 16x16 Alex 'BlackShatan' Chang of flag icon of Australia, 16x16 Natural 9 has decided to retire. After the disbandment of Natural 9, Blackshatan had decided to continue competitive gaming with a different professional team. However, as things did not work out, he has finally decided to hang his mouse and retire from the competitive scene idefinitely.


This is what he had to say:


It was fun while it lasted, but unfortunately i will not be continuing with competitive dota. I'm sad that it had to end like this but shit happens.

Met a lot of cool people, some of whom are my good friends now. Had many fun times, most notably in DotA 1 with MCiTY when it was MusiCa, Tonton, Escobar and Banks. DabeliuteeF and aNh were also awesome to play with and had a lot of good times with them too.

As N9/aL it was great to be able to go toe-to-toe with the best teams in the world and come out on top occasionally. Even when we were on the decline as a team, we still had some good times together especially with Godot and MusiCa.

My favourite part of competitive dota was definately the team aspect and the rollercoaster of emotions you share. Working through the bad and enjoying the good. I feel like why i was able to join so many different teams was not because of my skill, but my attitude and dedication towards the team which i believe is one of the most important things in a team. Never underestimate the importance of work ethic and TEAM BONDING.

Anyway, thanks to supporters of my teams and myself, especially my cousins Andrew Chang and Simon Chang who supported me religiously and watched a lot of my games at ridiculous hours of the day. Thanks to all the 300+ likes (even though compared to others it may not be much, it still makes me feel good)

I'll still be visiting this page so if you wanna ask me anything feel free.  



Blackshatan's Facebook Page


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