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BarCraftNZ|Company of Gamers Announces 2013 New Zealand Tournament Season

BarCraftNZ aka Company of Gamers have announced their 2013 tournament season! They will be hosting 4 LANs and 4 Online Tournaments, culminating in a Grand Finals, depending on the wins and losses accumulated over the multiple tournaments. 


The LANs have a confirmed prize pool of $300 for First Place, $200 for Second Place, and $100 for Third Place. They will be hosted in Auckland and more information will be revealed in the Steam Group as the tournament progresses.

Online Tournaments

The online tournaments are following a 16 team limit with a single elimination, best of three format. There will be 4 tournaments leading up to the Grand Finals,  all working to accumulate Season Points for the winning teams. These points will replace physical prizes during the lead up tournaments, allowing teams to take advantage of them when those with the most season points are invited to the Play Offs. 

Play Offs and Grand Finals

The Play Offs will consist of the top 8 teams in New Zealand with the highest Season Points. The top two teams will compete live in Auckland for a minimum First Prize of $500-$1000 (depending on sponsors) and a minimum Second Prize of $200 (or more depending on sponsors). The format of the tournament is still to be decided, so stay tuned. 


First Online Tournament:

  • Round 1 and 2: April 13th
  • Semi Finals/Finals: April 20th

Second Online Tournament

  • Round 1 and 2: July 13th
  • Semi Finals/Finals: July 14th

First LAN Tournament

  • May 11th (Subject to change)

Second LAN Tournament

  • July 20th (Subject to change)

TBA Events

  • Third Online Tournament, Fourth Online Tournament, Third LAN Tournament, Fourth LAN Tournament


The Tournament Sign Ups will be available on Steam and for more info join the Steam Group!




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3rd April 2013
Hellz Yes, finally a local tournament. Might have to try put a team together :/