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Atod Showdown Returns!!

Atod Showdown Returns!!

by Immortal^ | 1st April 2013 | 8 comments

The Atod Showdown is coming back for its third iteration in early April! It will involve 12 teams coming from both Europe and America to battle out in the distinctly unique Reverse-Captain Mode the tournament is so famous for. While the dates for the group stage haven't been specified, the main tournament phase will beging on April 8th. 


The tournament will begin in group stage, one for America and one for EU, that will consist of Best of 1 matches until the Finals, which will be a Best of 3.

The tournament is played in a Reverse-Captain Mode meaning that the Captains of both teams will pick heroes for their opponents, leading to ensuing hilarity and very interesting playstyles from very esteemed  Dota 2 Teams.

Due to the competitive teams invited to the tournament, a prize pool of $1,500 will be offered, donated by Dota 2 fan, Gandalf ($1,000) and Peter 'HamSandwhich' Congdon ($500).



North America

  • United States Eosin+4
  • United States Fnatic.NA
  • United States Inphinity
  • Brazil Nex Impetus
  • Peru Artyk
  • TBA


  • Sweden No Tidehunter
  • Sweden 4FC
  • Germany Mousesports
  • Russia iCCup
  • Russia The Retry
  • TBA




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11th April 2013
They will never pick cm. The hero is way too good.
They usually pick 5 carrys with as low amount of cc as possible.
10th April 2013
Lol. WTF?! I hope there's gonna be a stream about this competition. It's gonna be legend...wait for it... wait for it.. dary ! :D
Imagine captains trying to pick the worst hero pick ever. They will probably pick the useless heroes. Imagine a Crystal Maiden playing hard carry lol. =))
5th April 2013
WTH? HAHAHA ATOD 2 At It's Finest.
1st April 2013
This isnĀ“t an april fools joke Loe151.
This and the fact that it will be fun is for sure.
1st April 2013
where is navi ?
1st April 2013
Pretty sure this is an April Fools joke.
1st April 2013
There was a ticket for ATOD 2 so i guess there will be one for ATOD 3 aswell.
1st April 2013
There will be a ticket to watch this in-game right?