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This is a temporary requirement until the match URLs get fixed. Use a minus to indicate pre-horn time.

Top Fail Guidelines

for you to have the best chance at making it into an episode.

  • 1A worthy Fail clip can be described as something that is hilarious in some fashion. It can range from very bad play to an in-game bug.
  • 2People that want us to watch their entire replay for clips are ignored.
  • 3Please be accurate with the time you submit. If we cannot find what you've described at around that time then we will ignore the clip.
  • 4Descriptions of the plays should be short and concise. We will look at every play if you follow these rules.
  • 5Please do not send your plays in multiple times. They will not only be ignored but may place you on the blacklist.
  • 6Please make sure the replay is available for download. We come across a LOT of matchID's that are not downloadable.
  • 7Also try and keep track of our previous Fail Weekly videos. If you send in a play that is very similar to one already submitted, it will not have as good of a chance at making it in.
Thanks for reading the guidelines and good luck

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I have read and fully understand the guidelines
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