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Top 10 Weekly Episode 36

Top 10 Weekly Episode 36

by Neil | 11th November | 8 comments


Here is our Top 10 Weekly Episode 36!  If you want to be in our Top 10 series, be sure to click that pretty looking submit button at the top right!    


    Mutlei 13th November

    TheMaine, in Diretide, you get candies to win one of the phases of the game mode. Each candy you have, reduces ur max HP by a %. What Juggernaut did is to give Nyx his candies so he lowered nyx's HP and killed him in a single blow, gaining Nyx's candies in the process

    Domino 12th November

    Suggestion: Give replay ID's for each clip used, I'm sure others would be interested too at taking a closer look at some of these games.

    KRyt.TheMaine 12th November

    I don't understand clip 1
    (sorry doesn't play diretide)

    Co.Ol_ShOt 12th November

    hahahaha #1 so cooooooool so funnnnny!!!!!!!!

    Co.Ol_ShOt 12th November


    Pronto 11th November

    Number one was awesome! Bahaha, such a good strategy. :p

    Rivalz 11th November

    odio a esos zombies

    nRio 11th November

    hahah lich