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Smoke of Defeat Open Tournament

Smoke of Defeat Open Tournament

by SUNSfan | 3rd January | 38 comments


Attention members of the DotaCinema community!

Some of you have been seeing this coming for weeks now, some of you have been waiting for this moment for as long as you have been here. Now it's finally happening! "What's finally happening?" Well let me tell you...

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On Monday the 14th of January 2013, registration will officially open for DotaCinema's first ever 64 team tournament. That's right! The moment you've all been waiting for has come at last! 

Our Event Staff will be working around the clock to bring you the most exciting tournament possible so we encourage all of you wonderful cuddly people to get your teams together and sign up. Prizes will be announced at a later date so stay tuned and most importantly stay informed!

What are you waiting for?? Get those teams together! 

PS: Reaves & SUNSfan are scheduled to cast some games as well!


twistedcrime 15th January

how are the teams picked

Nathyron 14th January

guys where can i singup for the tournament its 14th

omgeil 14th January

what's the hold up dota cinema we want to register

Butiti 14th January

how do we signup for this guys? help!!! xD

SoulReaper718 14th January

Yea like i cant find it anywhere

KSCity 14th January

so... wheres the sign up? it's not anywhere...

kcirtap501 14th January

i was searching for a team for the longest and only came across a few good player but with now warding or supportin skills.... i would like to join any open slots just message mme on steam-kcirtap501

thats_me_infinity 14th January

still waiting..

bloodrebel 14th January

Where are signs, its morning :D

uhm, nevermind.. xD just had a retarded comment earlier..