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  • Terrorblade Arrives with 6.80 Patch
    Terrorblade Arrives with 6.80

    GENERAL The 6.80 patch not only features the introduction of Terrorblade into Dota 2 - with an Arcana item already available for him - but also a new game mode: Random Ability Draft.  The announcement describes the mode as follows: Trade the organized chaos of Dota 2 for a taste of pure bedlam! Unlocked at level 11, [..]

  • New Bloom Festival Announced Patch
    New Bloom Festival Announced

    In a post on the Dota 2 Blog, Valve has announced the New Bloom Festival.  While it is not quite clear what the festival will entail, the descriptions offered hint toward a game mode involving battle with the Year Beast.  There are also predictions for at least one new hero - my guess is Phoenix -, though this is certainly not confirmed. [..]

  • KeSPA Recognizes Dota 2 Tournament
    KeSPA Recognizes Dota 2

    The  Korean eSports Association (KeSPA), a South Korean organization established in 2000 to oversee the country's eSports, has recognized Dota 2 as falling under its pervue.  The organization will be working alongside Nexon and other sponsors for the Korean Dota 2 League (KDL).  Season 1 of the league will begin in February [..]

  • Speed Gaming Planning on Creating an Academy Team Competitive
    Speed Gaming Planning on Creating an Academy Team

    Speed Gaming is planning to create a second team for new talents.

  • Vigoss and Axypa Join Sqreen's Sqaud Competitive
    Vigoss and Axypa Join Sqreen's Sqaud

    New team "SQreen's Squad" has been created recently. It will include old-timer from the Dota days Axypa and ex-Empire member Vigoss who is back from his hiatus.

  • Valve Releases Significant Server Maintenance Schedule General
    Valve Releases Significant Server Maintenance Schedule

    It seems that one of the New Year's Resolutions over at Valve HQ is to address the lingering problem of server instability within Dota 2.  Six server clusters will go down for a 24 hour maintenance period over the coming fortnight, while the SE Asia server located in Singapore will be out of action for 48 hours.  Access to the Dota [..]

  • Dota 2: Awards over the Years Editorial
    Dota 2: Awards over the Years

    Here are some of the many awards that DotA 2 has received over the years and the reasons for the success of this game.

  • To The Rescue - Team Zephyr Competitive
    To The Rescue - Team Zephyr

    In a short video reveal today made by  Kevin "Purge" Godec for his Purgegamers YouTube channel, him along with some other recognisable names have moved to Korea to join  William "Blitz" Lee and form  Team Zephyr.  Blitz had a bad turn of events when the team he moved to Korea [..]

  • Custom Map Editor Incoming? General
    Custom Map Editor Incoming?

    Aside from Defense of the Ancients, do you have any fond memories of other custom maps from Warcraft 3? If you had a favorite, well, your opportunity to recreate it and enjoy it in DotA 2 might be coming up. Two Twitter posts by   Matthew "CyborgMatt" Bailey suggest that a custom map editor is on the way! You can find the tweets [..]

  • Team Liquid to replace in D2L Finals Tournament
    Team Liquid to replace in D2L Finals

    The long awaited HyperX D2L Season 4 finals are approaching quickly, but less than a week before the tournament concludes in Las Vegas, have pulled out due to roster issues. The team recently ended their run in the WPC-ACE League, and many were expecting some player shuffles to take place in the coming weeks for many [..]