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  • To The Rescue - Team Zephyr Competitive
    To The Rescue - Team Zephyr

    In a short video reveal today made by  Kevin "Purge" Godec for his Purgegamers YouTube channel, him along with some other recognisable names have moved to Korea to join  William "Blitz" Lee and form  Team Zephyr.  Blitz had a bad turn of events when the team he moved to Korea [..]

  • Custom Map Editor Incoming? General
    Custom Map Editor Incoming?

    Aside from Defense of the Ancients, do you have any fond memories of other custom maps from Warcraft 3? If you had a favorite, well, your opportunity to recreate it and enjoy it in DotA 2 might be coming up. Two Twitter posts by   Matthew "CyborgMatt" Bailey suggest that a custom map editor is on the way! You can find the tweets [..]

  • Team Liquid to replace in D2L Finals Tournament
    Team Liquid to replace in D2L Finals

    The long awaited HyperX D2L Season 4 finals are approaching quickly, but less than a week before the tournament concludes in Las Vegas, have pulled out due to roster issues. The team recently ended their run in the WPC-ACE League, and many were expecting some player shuffles to take place in the coming weeks for many [..]

  • WPC-ACE Concludes With a Record-Breaking Final Tournament
    WPC-ACE Concludes With a Record-Breaking Final

    Following the grand opening of the Shanghai E-Sports Competitive Center in September 2013, the venue was announced to be hosting the bi-annual ACE Dota 2 league, organised by the newly founded World E-Sports Professional Classic (WPC). The league boasted ten of the best eastern teams battling it out for a share of the massive 1.5m RMB ($250k) [..]

  • LighTofHeaveN Departs from Virtus.Pro Competitive
    LighTofHeaveN Departs from Virtus.Pro

    The CIS roster circus continues as  Dmitriy "LighTofHeaveN" Kupriyanov departs from  Virtus.Pro's Dota 2 team. Having joined the squad in August 2013,  LighTofHeaveN and  VP found it difficult to maintain a stable performance over the past few months, no doubt thanks to their continuing roster [..]

  • Valve Calls Upon Artists for January Event General
    Valve Calls Upon Artists for January Event

    Valve called out for Workshop artists earlier today on the Dota 2 blog; it's found here. The recruitment is related to an unreleased event, presumably similar to Wraith-Night, to be launched in late January. Valve is looking for Workshop submissions that "draw on visual themes from the Chinese New Year, Chinese history, and springtime." [..]

  • Ranked Matchmaking Incoming Patch News
    Ranked Matchmaking Incoming

    Valve announced today that the next major patch to Dota 2 will include the highly controversial ranked matchmaking feature.  As stated in the post detailing the plans, This mode is aimed at experienced players who want to play in a more competitive environment and know their matchmaking rating (MMR). Here are the specifics shared [..]

  • RisingStars Disbands Competitive News
    RisingStars Disbands

    According to a Weibo post earlier today made by ACE, the Chinese Dota 2 squad  RisingStars has disbanded. The Weibo post states that steps are being taken to ensure that each player on the squad receives fair treatment. As of now, there is no certainty as to the reasons behind the squad disbanding, however speculation suggests that it is the [..]

  • Dota 2 Update Changes Hero Models Patch News
    Dota 2 Update Changes Hero Models

    Today's update includes some drastic and well-needed model changes as well as a few more changes to Diretide.  You can view the model changes in the videos on DotaCinema's YouTube momentarily.   - New Venomancer model - Update to Gyrocopter model - Update to Axe visuals - Update to Luna model - Update to Omniknight [..]

  • Interview with 7ckngMad of Interview
    Interview with 7ckngMad of

    With big things already developing for, I interviewed S├ębastien "7ckngMad" Debs about the upcoming events which could shape the future of his professional gaming career.