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Na'Vi: The Final Chapter

Na'Vi: The Final Chapter

by Cheppy | 1st March | 13 comments


Na'Vi's CEO Alexander "ZeroGravity" Kokhanovsky released a video explaining the current situation of the Na'Vi Dota 2 squad and why changes had to be made in order to establish dominance over the competitive scene again. With The International 3 just a few months away, Na'Vi are looking to dominate the Chinese Dota 2 scene first. Boot camping in China and participating in the local tournaments seems to be their short-term goal for now. 



nel_marcelle 15th March

English subs would have been gr8, I kinda could not really follow the story...

realedwin 5th March

You guys really put thought into this, like any Pro-Sports team in e.g. Basketball or Soccer would do :O Good luck to all of you! :) From what i have seen yesterday, it's gonna be great ^^

enjOyismE 3rd March

I`m tottaly disagree to this guy Na`Vi is getting rusty atm every team pass throw this moments you can`t alway be the best but as Dale Carnegie said "Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success" Hope those change would be better for you guys but i doub it will fix the problem !

sN.KzH.MIC 3rd March

dead subtitles- -.-

TheKraken 2nd March

lightofheaven,along with dendi and puppey, was one of the most amazing group of players...

PyroBlazer 1st March

I don`t have anything against the Funn1k and KuroKy... But the fact itself is really, ummmm, stupid that they would replace LightOfHeven i mean he was there trough it all ... T I 1 , T I 2 ... :(((

Misdik 1st March

that title ... was terrifying ...

X!!! 1st March

wanna see how the new roster is going to work together

Dr.Zem 1st March

mee too

Orichal 1st March

i wish they just used subtitles...