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Mythbusters - Ep. 3

Mythbusters - Ep. 3

by Neil | 11th December | 7 comments

Mythbusters Ep. 3


DrunkGuy 12th December

heroes like chaos knight , naga or heroes with item such as manta ... creating illusions and getting glimpse back at the same time , the heroes won't be send back

sand king's Burrowstrike can work

Drow Ranger 11th December

Huskar's one is really interesting.

Dauskhun 11th December

got the new ways to kill that god-freaking huskar ^_^..thx dotacinema and pixel!

LucasPK 11th December

i might do that against huskar now

Henhicks 11th December


Snipsson 11th December

good test with the wisp and open wounds from Lifestealer's

SIMBAD 11th December

go go go