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Mythbusters - Ep. 11

Mythbusters - Ep. 11

by Cheppy | 9th January | 4 comments


Mythbusters Ep. 11 



RexXxuS 9th January

Really??? Wtf? These are all known "myths"!!! I mean ... myth 2? In the descripton of Pugnas spell and snipers Shrapnel is already the answer. Why did I send a great unknown myth, when you don't put it on? Only such cheap myths? Really disappointed!

PavanX 9th January

I have asked this question to many people but i did not get a proper answer.
Can doom disable gem of true sight?

Hugfangi 9th January

If a hero dies with 25 bloodstone charges with disruptor's glimpse effect on him, will he spawn where it sends him?
same question with kunkka's X marks the spot

Captain Smode 9th January

Maurice Bot FTW!!!!