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Middle East Server Confirmed

Middle East Server Confirmed

by Dizzy | 12th February | 14 comments

We all know that Valve has grand plans for Dota 2, including instituting more geographically-oriented servers for people from around the world to use for a better gaming experience. Back in January of this year, Valve developer Milton confirmed that there would be Middle Eastern servers coming later on in the year. According to one of his earlier posts, they would be arriving in February or March, barring any issues with the equipment or service providers for the area. He also stated that there may not be full coverage of the area immediately, as a result of the provider they chose to use for the connection.

Milton has also released which provider Valve will be using in the area for connetivity purposes. Initially, these servers will be supported by Datamena/DU and a connection to UAE-IX for those areas where the primary provider doesn't have stellar coverage. As far as can be determined right now, the servers will be housed in Dubai and serve the wide majority of the Middle East from there. That being said, we are presently within the estimated timeframe that was given for when the servers would come online, so we hope (though perhaps we don't expect) to see an announcement from Valve soon with more details. 

Image Credit: Pyit Sone Oo

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maazazad 12th May

I dont understand why people think Dubai means all Arab/ Arab noobs will come... I'm living in Dubai and like 75% population are non-arab foreigner. And these foreigner are from around the world with best gaming skills. I bet u... U will search matches on dubai server for best challenges!

helion_prime 12th February

@vennekke not a chance. Russians will still select world wide servers and fuck up other people's games. It's just what they do.

vennekke 12th February

Now russians can play on middle east servers too :D haha, Dota is awesome, no matter on what server, as long as we are having fun it's fine for me.

kj1337 12th February

Yaaay :)

f7l 12th February


I'll still play in EU regardless because 99% of arabs are noobs

AxtoN555 12th February


rafaelsk 12th February

now they have a place where they can play techies... oh wait

Doperoni 12th February

It doesn't matter, cause i bet that all those russian destroyers will keep using this server anyway, such as on european one.
NO, YOU SOVIET IMBECILES, you are not in EUROPE ffs!!!

Stavrose 12th February

More noobs can stay out of your server? now you can whine less when you play with people from your country, lol. :D

Montezuma 12th February

Valve should fix the EU East servers. EU West in Luxemburg, EU East in Austria. WTF ist that thing? They should replace EU East servers more like in Bulgaria or at least Romania or something.