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Meet the Greevils

Meet the Greevils

by Neil | 16th November | 6 comments

Meet the Greevils!


    Boks Junio 16th November

    @Kakkoii: it's hard to find sellers that would give a fair price. Going rate is like 8 keys. And I think that's just too much (considering it's all about luck - the drop that is). Still hoping I could I trade 1 or 2 essences soon. haha.

    Kakkoii 16th November

    @Boks: You can still buy the essences in a way. Just buy keys and trade those keys for essences. I think unusual essences only go for like 2 or 3 keys?

    aeon44 16th November

    i didn't know that only putting 3 essences would miss some parts.
    my merciless courier only has 4 parts.
    while my determined courier has 5.
    and none of them had 3 unusual essences, so they didn't have the effects.
    its just sad that i didn't get what i want for those 2 couriers.

    Boks Junio 16th November

    Wow. I wish valve would sell the unusual essence in the dota store. it's so rare for the unusuals to drop during the diretide (guess that's why they called it unusual). my seraph is short of 2 unusual´╗┐ essence. Haven't hatched it yet. Lol.

    Wintermute 16th November

    <3 the flying naked greevil oddly enough he looks so clumsy.

    They all look really cool though considering how silly they are.

    bro4all 16th November

    first blood