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Headshot v9.0

Headshot v9.0

by Neil | 1st December | 18 comments

The latest Headshot episode


    Xentagia 2nd December

    As the thank you at the end says, its by Blue Stahli, the song is called Shotgun Senorita

    Jinru 2nd December

    anyone know the sound tracks used?

    Shlft' 2nd December

    Perfect as always.

    julz malebox 1st December

    Lets roLL!! :D

    Wintermute 1st December

    Man love the Bluestahli music so much I want to use it for my vids but I can already imagine the stupid youtube comments calling me a copycat lol.

    Its so perfect for action though

    godofwar 1st December

    I <3 that music m/

    MRUltimate 1st December

    You where no match for my powers,but then who is? freaking invoker he has the best lines

    tminhs 1st December

    Genius !

    JA 1st December

    the video editing is kinda sloppy. imo. i seen better video from w200me.

    kirenenko 1st December

    Good, but not one of the best imo.