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Headshot v8.0

Headshot v8.0

by Neil | 17th November | 7 comments


The latest Headshot episode



    Eddie The Head 20th November

    Always love the music on the Headshot vids. Sweet.

    killercroc 18th November

    EPIC, good work on the montage, I love it ! :P

    kirenenko 18th November

    Awesome! Magnus and Centaur, damn that's a manly bromance. Only thing missing from this video is a bit of shotgun senorita :)

    mangoo 18th November

    Mirana was me, im happy though the clip wasnt even that great^^

    Sjare 17th November

    Avunaos is my friend, sad I wasnt in there :(

    hahahahahahah great :D

    Banethulhu 17th November

    That first clip was hilarious.