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Fails of the Week Ep. 30

Fails of the Week Ep. 30

by Neil | 1st January 1970 | 20 comments

Here is our Fails of the week!  If you want to be in our fails series, be sure to click that pretty looking submit button at the top right!    


cofita 11th December

Yea rly funny :)

Juicy_Assassin 10th December

Jukes... we aren't playing football...

Snipsson 10th December

Lol the last 2 clips are so funny, I never tire of these two.. suns and reaves good.j

doddy997 10th December

Mde my damn day :D

puvana 10th December

by far the best fails if the week !

ulumjoe 10th December

Damn that naix... is so funny....

JA 10th December


in2realmz 10th December

:)) this video made my day

windzerd 10th December

hello my name is sunsfan joining me is the fattly and edible yet cuddly reaves

Alex Fong 10th December

and reaves never got the last words. lol