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Fails of the Week Ep. 27

Fails of the Week Ep. 27

by Neil | 19th November | 6 comments

Episode 27 of Fails of the Week.

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    Pronto 20th November

    That ending!

    burill 20th November

    Awesome episode :D

    The_Answer 19th November

    SUNSfan and Reaves can be glad they're still alive after Neil's special gift.
    Magnus wasn't that lucky at all, he got too distracted by that CM and skewered right into that deadly Shadowraze :-(

    iPunish 19th November

    thats some killing intent on drow

    Elika 19th November

    As i have commented on youtube and on facebook; in that empty space you can write the top comment of the last video :)

    lilbruce_234 19th November

    epic one