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DotaCinema XMG Captains Draft Invitational Playoffs

With the round robin stage wrapping up last Sunday, we now move into the playoffs for the XMG Captains Draft Invitational!  Ukraine Na`Vi, leading the participants with 11 points, had the opportunity to select their opponent.  Between (10 points) and European Union Fnatic (8 points), Ukraine Na`Vi opted to face, leaving Sweden Alliance (10 points) to face European Union Fnatic.

Each match will be a single-elimination best-of-five.  Due to the very busy schedules of the teams involved, the day and time of the grand final will be decided once the advancing teams are determined.  It will occur shortly after the conclusion of the semi-finals.

All VODs from the round robin stage are available through the DotaCinema website as well as the DotaCinema VODs YouTube channel.  For more information about the tournament, please visit the XMG Captains Draft Invitational page.


Sunday, March 30 - 19:00 CET (1:00 PM EST)
Ukraine Na`Vi versus

Monday, March 31 - 14:00 CET (8:00 AM EST)
Sweden Alliance versus European Union Fnatic

Image Credit: Pyit Sone Oo


foken 30th March

brap :)

vladeking 30th March

Alliance will win this... fnatic will lose

Neil_09 29th March

Alliance will win this... fnatic will lose

hijodeosiris 29th March

I really really like the 4 team, unlikely other "sports" like the ignorant troglodyte people who are fans of sooccer, here no matter who lose or win, let the best take the crown.
Best wishes to the 4 teams they will give an amazing show

CocyteGuardian 28th March

As always, Na'Vi opts for Sigma, who they can beat (at least they think they can... who knows), and knows that the also classic Fnatic vs Alliance is a much more balanced match, since both teams know each other really well strategic-wise (rumors talk about some bromance in reality, but rumors are rumors :D). I'm hoping for Fnatic to win Alliance: let the best rat wins o/

ramaramski 28th March

another doto elclassico? Na'Vi v Alliance?

Immaterium 28th March

Looking forward to this.

nilchameleons 28th March

Na`Vi gonna sweep this easy.

cr4y88 28th March

Navi vs Fnatic -> GRAND FINAL

Then Fnatic win, then the curse is broken :)

DarkLynx 27th March