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Christmas Art Showcase: Call for Submissions!

Calling all artists! We're looking for your masterpieces of Dota 2 art to showcase as the Christmas season draws near. There's some amazing creative talent out there - and we want to share that! We're going to take the best of the best and collect them together to show them off here on DotaCinema in the days leading up to Christmas. Not only will your artistic talent be flaunted for the world to see, you might just net yourself one of our forum awards in the process!

Every type of medium is allowed and encouraged - whether it be wallpapers, sculptures, sketches, cupcakes - you name it! The only restrictions are that it must related to Dota 2 (obviously), and it must somehow be Christmas or Winter-y themed. Please only submit original artwork created by you.

So what are you waiting for? Send in your submissions as an image attachment (.jpg, .png, .gif) to by December 19. All images will be fully credited to their owners. If you have a website or portfolio you would like us to link with your submission, include that in your email as well.

We look forward to celebrating the season Dota 2 style!


Header Image Credit: DTB


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16th December
i had sent mine today ^^
6th December
6th December
Nice! I'll be uploading soon.
6th December
Wait... nvm I reread it and there's no winner. derp >< Lol well nvm
6th December
Not sure if there's any official "prizes" yet, but I'll give my 1x Unusual Purple Greevil to the winner.
5th December
what's the price?? hmmm
5th December
here i go!!! ill sent at least five works at once. Everyone with a diferent style
5th December
It's on!
5th December
@raveez As many as you want! :)
5th December
how many artworks can i send?