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Centaur has arrived!

Centaur has arrived!

by SUNSfan | 24th October | 29 comments


- Added Centaur

- Fixed XP going the other way if you're leveled up with a command.
- Fixed scoreboard not updating properly after a hero swap
- Added party invite ignore options to the party invite dialog and settings screen
- Visual updates to spell button states

- Fixed several "missing lane" line bugs for Puck, Mirana, Meepo, Lina, Keeper, Shadow Demon, and Windrunner.
- Fixed spell button sounds triggering on mouse clicks only and not hotkey press
- Fixed certain effects on workshop items that were incorrect or missing


-Implemented 6.76b gameplay changes

-Updated vision values on these abilities: Unstable Concoction, Phantasm, Waveform, Storm Bolt, Mirror Image, Spirit Lance, Requiem of Souls, Spectral Dagger, Venomous Gale, Earthbind, Dream Coil, Shackleshot, Wall of Replica, Flamebreak, Deafening Blast, Ghost Ship


Sources: Dota 2 Dev Forums


    TMP 26th October

    He looks so bad so ugly omg valve bad work
    He must be with darker color and his background color must be Dark Red or Maroon

    Diego Cardemil 25th October

    Fix NightStalker For the love of god

    antipeople 25th October

    YAY guys, Now, i hope you all know what u gonna do.. you MUST pick centaur in AVERY game in AVERY team at least for mounth. now go and do ur best. May the Force NOT be with you young Faggotwans.

    SatanCLos 25th October

    max movement speed to all ur allys u gotta be kidding me

    Ppz 25th October

    Fuck yeah! I was waiting for that beast! <3

    joyjoy 25th October

    like that Bradwarden name remains from dota1 :)

    WollyZA 25th October

    Oh hells yes! His new ult looks pretty cool, can't wait to combo him up with CM and kick some ass!

    DAT.†Genesis† 25th October

    Can't wait to try Centaur tomorrow. !

    aldrinexd1111 25th October

    Is SUNSfan favorite was centaur?

    B1aze 25th October

    Beautiful :] 6.76 and centaur here we go!